A programming and computer science competition for high schoolers.



Any student at any high school can participate.


A day-long CTF-style programming competition.


Saturday, June 6th, from 10am to 5pm.


Online, at hackdalton.com.

Compete in teams

Have some friends who you would want to compete with? Feel free to team with them, even across schools!

Want a team but don't have friends who want to compete? We can match you with teammates based on how seriously you want to take the competition!

Minimal experience needed

All of the problems have hints available and are designed to be solved by even the most inexperienced participants when hints are used.

Still stuck even with the hints? Live help is available through the competition platform.

Guest problem writers

Some problems have been written by alumni and faculty, as well as other guests!

Learn more about our guest problem writers here.

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